Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Hello, Igor.

Fernando de Noronha is a beautiful place. I’ve been here for 1 year.I’ve gone surfing and played football with my new friends. I know here there are a lot of different things from us. They don’t have computer and never go to a mall!!.Here in the morning we go surfing and we eat fish. After this we play football. Yesterday I went to a party, it was very interesting because their clothes here have a lot of colors. I’ve bought a surfboard and one skateboard. Look at this photo. It is wonderful!!




Anonymous said...

Thank you for your project! It is really relaxing! After reading it I thought about my future vocations? It's high time to think it over!!!
Thanks again, bye

Anonymous said...

I think surfing is one of the exotic kind of sport, but very dangerous, if you are not brave, strong and risky. It is interesting to know how high the wave is.
Teachers from Russia.

Olga said...

It's wonderful to have apportunity to travel abroad especially to the sea or to the ocean! I like nature and it's nice to relax far from your problems!